COVID-19 FOREVER; Event 201 foreshadowed everything

In an interview, coronavirus researcher Vineet Menachery says the virus may never go away; echoes Event 201 scenario! Besides smallpox, most diseases can exist in nature even after being removed from human population Animal populations can hold diseases, and under certain conditions, reemerge in our own OC43 (a common cold coronavirus) was originally from cows, … Continue reading COVID-19 FOREVER; Event 201 foreshadowed everything

PRICK: Bill Gates’ agenda

Over the years, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has devoted his life to vaccines. He believes that with just a prick of a needle, the world’s problems are solved. His very name is basically synonymous with vaccine peddling. You could call him Bill the Prick (get it?). Bill thinks there’s too many people on Earth, so … Continue reading PRICK: Bill Gates’ agenda