Premier hands out big, juicy rhetoric sandwiches: takes and denies responsibility

During questioning, Dictator Dan engages in doublethink, playing political speech games whilst saying he doesn't want to play "political games". “I take responsibility for all of the decisions that are made across our government and the performance of all our agencies,” he says Struggles to accept the description of hotel quarantine as disaster Can't describe … Continue reading Premier hands out big, juicy rhetoric sandwiches: takes and denies responsibility

COVID-19 FOREVER; Event 201 foreshadowed everything

In an interview, coronavirus researcher Vineet Menachery says the virus may never go away; echoes Event 201 scenario! Besides smallpox, most diseases can exist in nature even after being removed from human population Animal populations can hold diseases, and under certain conditions, reemerge in our own OC43 (a common cold coronavirus) was originally from cows, … Continue reading COVID-19 FOREVER; Event 201 foreshadowed everything

Thousands of England’s COVID deaths to be wiped from record

Scientists have exposed flaws in counting death cases, adjustments needed. People who have tested positive for the virus and dies later on in unrelated circumstances are still counted as COVID deaths The current system says you can never recover from the virus UK health secretary Matt Hancock will realign the figures to adjust for the … Continue reading Thousands of England’s COVID deaths to be wiped from record

Victoria: police state or dictatorship? Take your pick…

Unreasonable new laws and policies to constrict life and freedom Only travel within 5km of home One person may shop per household per day 60 minutes allocated for exercise per day Mandatory masks in all public areas despite health concerns and conflicting scientific evidence Curfews at 8pm No guests in your home No gatherings inside … Continue reading Victoria: police state or dictatorship? Take your pick…

ABS collects BS, dodgy COVID death data

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, under WHO guidelines, are directed to count official deaths by COVID-19 under mere assumptions. Taken from the ABS site: Deaths are to be attributed to COVID-19 based on a hunch. It doesn't have to be the main cause but will still supersede any other factors. Well there goes your objectivity … Continue reading ABS collects BS, dodgy COVID death data

Victoria: Stage 5 lockdown next

In the early hours of 2 August, I released a post anticipating Stage 4 restrictions for Melbourne based on a rare tipoff a day or two prior. In that post, I explained why I wasn’t surprised Stage 4 would be in effect later this week although I was surprised just how quickly it was announced … Continue reading Victoria: Stage 5 lockdown next

Hell-bourne’s Stage 4 restrictions updated

The Premier has announced three lists that’ll apply to Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne: First - What’s still operating Supermarkets Grocery stores Bottle shops Pharmacies Servos Banks Newsagencies Post offices Second – Closed for onsite work – All to close by Wed 5 August, 11:59pm Retail; clothing, electronics, large department stores (Kmart, Myer, Big W … Continue reading Hell-bourne’s Stage 4 restrictions updated

Victoria: Stage 4 restrictions here

COVID 19 - Victoria Restrictions – Updated 2 August Melbourne- Stage 4 effective for 6 weeks from 6pm, 2 Aug – 13 Sep (subject to change) Regional Victoria – Stage 3 effective Wed 5 Aug 11:59pm Curfew 8pm-5am unless leaving for work, medical care or caregiving n/a Businesses Restaurants and cafes continue to be open … Continue reading Victoria: Stage 4 restrictions here

Victoria Stage 4 restrictions coming

It's coming, Victoria. Because universal vaccination has always been the goal, the "COVID normal" means expecting more restrictions and letting the plan run its course until the needles arrive. Stage 4 is nigh. There's been talk heavily suggesting Stage 4 restrictions are to kick off in Victoria very soon. In my extended circle, a worker … Continue reading Victoria Stage 4 restrictions coming

Masks: the snug comfort of denial

On Wednesday 22 July at 11:59pm, mandatory masks for Melbourne and Mitchell Shire commenced, setting a precedent for Australia. At 11:59pm on Sunday 2 August, the rest of Victoria will follow. The snug comfort of denial: Medical research says masks don't protect the general public against respiratory viruses, including COVID-19. Misuse or prolonged use of … Continue reading Masks: the snug comfort of denial