Suspicious of the public: Drone surveillance in Melbourne

Victorian police will deploy drones around Melbourne to ensure compliance with COVID restriction rules.

  • Drones will be used in places like Port Phillip, Stonnington and St. Kilda
  • Public places such as parks, beaches, playgrounds targeted to bust lockdown breaches
  • Drones can be flown up to 7km
  • Imaging is clear enough to read a license plate from 500 metres away
  • Drones also used to guard the New South Wales border
  • It’s been revealed VicPol also requested military spy drones from the Australian Defence Force
  • Emergency Management Victoria made the request a week before Easter
  • The ADF rejected the request


The government’s always jacking up their tech, weaseling their oppressive mandates, stocking up on firepower and sticking their noses in our business. Why? Not because of an outside threat, but because of their suspicions and paranoia for the local citizenry. If laws no longer protect you from authoritarianism but instead protect authorities from you, we have a problem. Victoria and Melbourne’s insane lockdown takeover proves that much.

One of the biggest problems with extraordinary powers in trying times is the inability to relinquish those powers once the emergency is over. This is a mere setting of precedent that’ll turn the chapter on surveillance to yet another new norm: the presence of aerial surveillance in everyday life. And once these standards are set, they’ll be regulated heavily as soon as regular people begin to use this technology for their own purposes. Drones for personal or commercial use will be strictly regulated in the name of cracking down on drugs and sex offenders as you can imagine what the technology could be used for in the hands of a certain type of person. The thing is, that scrutiny goes out the window when creeps pilot these things under the protection of an authoritative badge. Technology is first presented to the public, coerced into acceptance, and then the denied or heavily limited to the public for their “safety”.

Expect to see more drones post-COVID, not less.

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