Dan Andrews’ Victoria: The Turd Reich

Dictator Dan’s lockdown takeover has given Victoria an uncanny resemblance to a particular, historically oppressed citizenry. It has many people wondering: are we Victorians or Jews in Nazi Germany?

The uncanny

  • 8pm curfews
  • Banned from most schools and universities, as well as from cinemas, theaters, and sports facilities
  • Forbidden to enter certain public areas
  • Government-imposed identity markers: Jews forced to wear the star of David on their clothes; Victorians forced to wear masks not on medical basis but to distinguish political dissidents from conformists
  • Businesses boycotted for not following guidelines, financially punished and forced to close
  • Unemployment skyrocketed
  • Food rationing; jews had reduced rations; quasi-rations in the form of product limitations in Victoria
  • Undesirables taken to clinics on medical grounds and then murdered by medical mismanagement or by neglect to ease economic burdens
  • Medical practitioners granted legal protection from medical crimes (forced medication, harmful experiments)
  • Government targets and blames its critics for current problems and outlaws their behaviour
  • Suicide rates jump

How to play Turd Reich, the drinking game

You will get shitfaced.

  • Select your favourite alcohol of choice
  • You will be asked about a dictatorial, oppressive policy or event to which you will have to answer Victoria, Nazi Germany or both
  • The questions will be deducted of giveaway nouns like ‘Jewish’ ‘Victoria’ ‘Facemask’ ‘Star of David’ etc, for example ‘People are required to obtain permits to work’
  • One sip/shot for a wrong answer where the answer is either Victoria or Nazia Germany, two shots for a wrong answer if it turns out to be both ie. ‘People were made to wear identifiable markers in public’. If answered ‘Nazi Germany’, you will be required to take two shots/sips as you are wrong. People are forced to wear masks against independent scientific and medical advice. The masks are social markers to identify political conformists from political dissidents
  • Please take caution, as the shocking similarities between societies during World War II and Victoria 2020 may lead you to alcohol poisoning (with an official death of COVID-19)



Department of Health and Human Services







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