Corona case junky: Dan Andrews can’t function without cases

We need more tests or we’re staying locked up, says paranoid idiot Premier Andrews.

  • Stage four restrictions will not be eased if testing continues to fall, even if cases drop
  • Health authorities can’t accept people are perhaps just not getting as sick, and are paranoid people are hiding their symptoms
  • Authorities say the cold and seasonal flu have disappeared somehow
  • Therefore cold or flu-like symptoms are likely to be COVID-19 because those viruses are gone


Hmm. The cold and flu are gone, are they? Viruses that have been endemic for generations just gone. COVID magic. Once again, the very virus that can shut down the entire world and economy in spite of symptoms being overall mild with an extremely high chance of recovery, and can wholly disappear long enough for masses of people across the world to ignore social distancing and protest stuff like climate change, racism and police brutality for political reasons, just to reemerge in a country like New Zealand where they imposed the most extreme stage 4 lockdowns just for an outbreak to emerge by way of imported frozen food packaging, works its magic. When the testings are inaccurate enough that it’s admitted that COVID-19 positive results can actually be from non-COVID coronaviruses that cause your common cold, gee, I wonder where the fucking cold and flu went?

Dictator Dan’s logic is entirely imbecilic. Essentially, he’s saying Victoria will not open up until he gets more testing. The reason he wants more testing is things are improving. He’s paranoid that cases are falling because people are being dishonest about symptoms and not testing, not because perhaps things could just be getting better. Cases=dictatorial power. Cases are his fetish. Cases are his drug of choice. Daniel Andrews is a corona case junky. Getting desperate, he’s not getting his cases, and pretty soon he’s going to come down from his intoxicating power trip when he’s called to relinquish his emergency powers. Clearly, to sustain his grasp, Dan needs to extend the emergency.

Andrews admits that testing non-symptomatic people is counterproductive with there being a “one-in-5000 chance people with no symptoms had coronavirus.” So really, he’s painted himself into a corner. He’s saying ‘Seriously guys, look. Where my sick people at? We know the cold and flu are gone, so all sickness is COVID. Are you telling me there’s no more sick people anymore? Bullshit. There’s just got to be sick people out there. Test, you assholes or you’re staying locked up. Like, seriously, get tested. You’re selfish.’

Could it be Dictator Dan’s feeling the heat now? Is he just trying to go out in a blaze of dictatorial glory and see how much he could rape before they close in on him? What an absolute out-of-touch narcissist, doubling down instead of humbling yourself before the people you swore to serve. Dan, if you don’t know what God thinks about pride, you will. You will.

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