Police in regional Victoria now training in SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLES

Training began this month to respond to armed offenders and “terrorist attacks” outside of Melbourne.

  • Victoria Police signed a contract for 300 semi-automatic rifles for uniform and frontline officers
  • The semi-autos will be stored at stations and in police vehicles, out of public sight
  • Acting Superintendent Peter Nichols says police would not be patrolling the streets with the rifles
  • More than 730 cops from in Ballarat, Geelong, Morwell and Shepparton are receiving the training
  • VicPol expects training to conclude by the end of 2021
  • According to VicPol, the 300 firearms cost around $1,172,500, equating to about $3900 per rifle.


Gee, interesting timing, don’t you think? While the people are deteriorating at home due to isolation and cabin fever, families falling apart, depression and anxiety resulting in suicide, the police force is being refurbished into a domestic militia. As they label anybody who questions the legitimacy of the pandemic as paranoid conspiracy theorists, the police fear the public so much that they need to train with semi-autos when our back is turned? Who’s paranoid here?

They seem to be preparing for something. Are they expecting this quasi-martial law in Melbourne to continue and are bracing for an escalation or a revolt against God knows what? Whether Melbourne stays and fights some sort of COVID culmination or they flee into regional Victoria, the Victorian SS will be there to pick ’em off like rabbits.

How many terrorist attacks happen in Australia let alone country Victoria? And that is not to say that it hasn’t or won’t again (or that we shouldn’t be prepared) but what serious imminent threat are they anxious about when all the borders are shut, travel is banned and nobody is to leave their house save for a few narrow exceptions before an 8pm curfew? Evidently, the laws in Victoria have now shifted from protecting its citizens to now protecting authorities as they consolidate power. Pathetic.

And it strikes me that this is happening in regional Victoria, who like the rest of the world, are watching what’s happening to Melbourne in disbelief. Those country towns are still made up of classic, old school Aussie. Perhaps they have a sense of national pride and cultural fortitude that’s been diluted the cosmopolitan, progressive city. And some of them would still have guns. Out of some of the regional places mentioned above, Ballarat stands out. Could this be a subliminal warning to Victoria and Australia at large against challenging the political establishment? After all, it was in Ballarat at the Battle of the Eureka Stockade, that an idea of independence against tyranny was first ignited in our country. It’s said to have inspired Australian democracy.

Like the gold miners in 1854, Melbourne and the state of Victoria are losing patience abiding by dictatorial, oppressive laws that guarantee no stability, no comfort, no freedom, and no future. And like the miners, it appears that to reject said laws means staring down the barrel of a rifle.

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