COVID tests UNRELIABLE; plus RANT on politics

Here’s a few screen captures of government/health departments and professionals admitting COVID-19 tests lack accuracy and reliability.

  • Accuracy and utility of COVID-19 tests are not known (TGA, Australia)

  • The TGA also says test reliability is uncertain

  • Positive COVID results could just come from the common cold (CDC, United States)

  • You may test positive due to other non-COVID-19 coronaviruses (Lab Tests Online AU, Australia)


The very attack on independent journalism for compiling examples of COVID mismanagement and forgery is moronic and hypocritical. After all, it’s clear that COVID cases and deaths are compiled using faulty, inaccurate and volatile testing. And yet justifying a global shutdown and imposing medical dictatorships and essentially martial law like in Victoria, or more recently medical concentration camps in New Zealand, persists. It is not that it’s unchallenged by the public, it’s just that even now, people are rooted in the tradition of authoritative roles being synonymous with truth. Your habit tells you that their presence on the television, supported by their titles and conference rooms, needs your attention, even though you expect garbage. So why do we care about them? We’re just used to them being there. Like some bum on the road, rambling about stuff. That’s them just doing their thing.

Media: Attention, my fellow citizens. It is within public interest that we announce to you our recent collection of farts *pfffffff* …that’ll be all.

If only one may switch their perception, just a little, that one may realise that ordinary, rational people really do outnumber the sellouts on television telling you boldfaced lies. I’ve come to realise that the reason why politicians get away with so much deception is because regular people are rather tolerant and unconfrontational. I think we tolerate politicians’ BS because they act like disenfranchised, angry and victimised minorities, screaming to be heard and threatening violence or punishment when they don’t get what they feel they are owed. But their reparations is everything. In an inclusive world, I guess we just feel sorry for the bad ones because we know, deep down inside, they’re lost and broken, and we’re intrinsically more at peace because we don’t feel the need to herd everybody around to feel equal or good about ourselves.

But the thing is, these “people” – the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats – are reprehensible villains when engaged. Their human-like qualities of speech and rhetoric are instinctual, not conscious (or conscientious, for that matter). It’s just their nature. They’re not even minorities in the human race. They’re humanoid creatures, predatory on the inside. And so giving them an inch is really giving them a kilometer. Perhaps if enough people just left them alone and stopped trying to humanise them with personhood, maybe they’d migrate somewhere and return to their natural habitat.

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