Victoria: police state or dictatorship? Take your pick…

Unreasonable new laws and policies to constrict life and freedom

  • Only travel within 5km of home
  • One person may shop per household per day
  • 60 minutes allocated for exercise per day
  • Mandatory masks in all public areas despite health concerns and conflicting scientific evidence
  • Curfews at 8pm
  • No guests in your home
  • No gatherings inside or outside

Democracy suspended

  • People have no say in the laws that affect them
  • No discussion on the merit of dictated policies
  • No immediate legal protocol to replace a rogue, dictatorial government
  • There’s no legal protection if the new laws enable gross injustice
  • Failure to cooperate responded with harsh penalties
  • Reasonable, political or scientific objection is overruled
  • Human rights, severe economic consequences and personal safety concerns dismissed
  • The right to peacefully demonstrate or protest denied

The overruling of intact laws designed to prevent human rights violations

Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (the Charter Act):

  • Right to move freely within Victoria, to come into and leave Victoria, and to choose where to live
  • Right to gather together, take part in a peaceful demonstration or protest…
  • Every new law made by the Victorian Parliament is now accompanied by a Statement of Compatibility, which explains whether the law is compatible with the human rights in the Charter Act

Universal elimination of financial independence

  • Many businesses are prohibited to operate
  • Hundreds of thousands of people are out of work and face economic hardship
  • The economy dies
  • Businesses and individuals rely on government handouts
  • People are incentivised to give up
  • Government now controls your compliance in policies you would otherwise object to lest you be financially cut off

Excessive red tape

  • People required to get ’work permits’ for the right to move and work
  • Medical documentation for exemptions encouraged
  • ‘Guidelines’ and bureaucracy entangles transparency and hides unethical government behaviour
  • Exhaustive documentation creates reluctant, weary obedience

Militarisation of domestic law enforcement

  • Increased special powers
  • Aggressive law enforcement and use of special powers
  • Raids, harassment, property damage, arrests and intimidation in non-compliance
  • Working alongside the military to exercise extreme law enforcement

Pervasive surveillance

  • Your movements are tracked through your phone
  • Your interactions with other people can be traced to you
  • Your sensitive information are centralised in a digital database
  • Police presence everywhere, cop cars parked in residential areas
  • Door-knocking from law enforcement to ensure consistent compliance or risk extreme penalties
  • Encouragement of civilian spying and snitching of neighbours, friends and family

Extreme penalties for rule-breaking

  • $200 for not wearing a mask
  • $1652 on the spot for stay-at-home breach
  • Up to $10,000 for repeated stay-at-home breaches
  • Failure to cooperate results in aggressive measures at police discretion

Media manipulation, controlling the narrative, propaganda

  • Suppression and censorship of vital information (fake cases, poor testing, facemask dangers, successful medicine like hydroxychloroquine)
  • Re-categorisation of the public into conformists and dissidents
  • Demonisation of people exercising their rights
  • Demonisation of alternative news
  • Showing people only one side of the story
  • Manipulation of research data to justify more draconian laws
  • Using the media to create and exploit fear, then offer the solution to their own problem (Hegelian dialectic)


Victoria’s draconian COVID policies are amongst the worst in the world. Where they should’ve tightened restrictions, they were slack. Poor containment and lockdown of nursing homes, staff being shuffled across multiple sites, lack of training for hotel and housing tower security, lack of PPE, zero protocol. This resulted in the disastrous outbreak in specifically vulnerable communities. Instead, efforts were made to close down businesses, mandate mask-wearing, and impose dictatorial policies with harsh non-compliance penalties on an otherwise healthy general public. No care was taken in closing off and implementing strict protective measures for the nursing homes until it was too late. The result is the ruin of our state at large, a public displaced of their freedoms and security, imprisoned within its borders, and beholden to an insane government that’s exploiting this virus to re-engineer life as we know it. This is a controlled demolition.



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