Masks: the snug comfort of denial

On Wednesday 22 July at 11:59pm, mandatory masks for Melbourne and Mitchell Shire commenced, setting a precedent for Australia.

At 11:59pm on Sunday 2 August, the rest of Victoria will follow.

The snug comfort of denial:

Medical research says masks don’t protect the general public against respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.

Misuse or prolonged use of masks risk self-contamination and other health problems.

World Health Organization – 6 April 2020

  • Medical masks may prevent an infected person spreading infectious droplets
  • Limited evidence that healthy people wearing medical masks are protected around contacts of sick people or attendees of mass gatherings
  • No evidence to show any type of mask protects healthy people in the wider community
  • No evidence to show mass public mask-wearing prevents infection of respiratory viruses

World Health Organization – 5 June 2020

Similar to the above…

Risks out-weight the benefits

Benefits/advantages: Note some of the bullet points are crossed out for being arbitrary filler garbage

  • Reduced potential exposure risk from asymptomatic infected people
  • Reminds people there’s a virus going around
  • Potential to earn money by selling homemade masks
  • Potential waste-reduction with reusable masks
  • Makes germaphobes feel better
  • Potential for cultural expression
  • Makes some people feel like heroes


  • Increased frequency of touching face, putting yourself at greater risk
  • Microorganisms thrive on moist/soiled fabric masks
  • Risk of headaches and breathing difficulties
  • Risk of facial lesions, dermatitis and worsening acne
  • Communication problems
  • Difficulty for certain people: children, the mentally ill, the elderly, injured people
  • Gives a false sense of security leading to poorer adherence to other safety measures
  • Public littering for disposable masks; environmental and biological hazard

Dr. Russell Blaylock – Technocracy News & Trends, 11 May 2020

  • One N95 mask study showed a third of 212 health workers developed headaches, 60% requiring pain relief
  • Cause of headaches evidently a lack of oxygen (hypoxia) and/or increase in carbon dioxide (hypercapnia) in the blood

  • Another study: Of 159 health workers, 81% developed headaches from masks, affecting work performance
  • A surgical mask study: blood oxygen levels of 53 surgeons were measured by an oximeter, showing significant blood oxygen reduction
  • Hypoxia can affect human immunity

  • When an infected wears a tight-fitting mask, they rebreathe the virus and increase its concentration
  • Repeated exhalation may trap the virus, concentrate it in the nasal passage and work its way into the brain

Air quality mask tests – Videos


Studies have shown little evidence wearing a mask will protect healthy people on a broader community scale. Suspiciously, these studies have basically remained unchallenged over the years until recently. Governments have been handling COVID-19 upsidedown; suffocating the general public with dictatorial, oppressive mandates yet fundamentally botching the testing and treatment of patients. Lax and ill-defined containment procedures have resulted in a weak medical system. Resources wasted, police and military on the streets of Victoria arresting and fining a generally healthy (or at the very least asymptomatic) population whilst the most vulnerably sick are treated as afterthoughts in the nursing homes; families separated from loved ones and not notified when they’ve died. Research papers and articles unlisted from Google search results, videos deleted from Youtube, science-based treatment censored on major platforms, whistleblowers threatened. What a fucking disgrace. All that just to skulk around dehumanised and faceless, nappies over our mouths, knowing (on some level) that it’s a farce. Yesterday’s bullshit is today’s truth. We’re treated as if we’ve no memory of last week’s headline. A statement that politician made – buried and gone. Are we really that afraid of a virus, when the ice cream shop is bustling on a late Friday night in the very middle of winter?

If you want to mask us, fine. I’m game to play. Because history shows that the world has a way of rebalancing when it’s rocked too hard by tyrants – He’s called God. He’s not impressed with your deceit, or your tricky ways of war. The most powerful prayers are said when darkness falls, and whilst you relish temporarily in the chaos and confusion you’ve caused, you’ve helped the lost find their obedience to our Creator. Advancing your lies is your defeat.