Triggered: Karl Stefanovic can’t…he just…he just can’t…

Karl thought he could but he just…he just couldn’t. In a brief interview with anti-masker Lizzy Rose, Karl’s emotions got the better of him and he just couldn’t, cutting the interview short. Interview was about her Bunnings video:

  • Lizzy explains she has a medical exemption
  • Medical exemptions require no medical certificates or documents
  • Lizzy even carried her medical documents; they were disregarded by Bunnings worker as “bogus”
  • Robot lady co-host thinks Lizzy was “quite aggressive…[side glance]…and thought you were being deliberately antagonistic” in the video
  • The full video reveals Lizzy Rose was calm, assertive but not antagonistic
  • Lizzy says the virus is real but is being politicised to take freedoms
  • She’s cut off addressing misdiagnoses of COVID-19
  • Robot lady co-host – devoid of any reasonable retort – pulls out the you’re-not-qualified card
  • Karl and robot try to discredit Lizzy for being a “psychic”
  • Karl then lectures her and tells her why she really went into Bunnings: to basically be a bitch


Karl’s pavlovian response to any form of scepticism neutered any chance of his brain thinking analytically. Because you can’t be right if you’re not qualified! You can only do that if you read a teleprompter because whoever writes that shit just has to know their stuff, right? And if you just say smart things written for you, by osmosis, you somehow become smart.

We need to agree to abide by clearly defined rules that are respected and observed objectively. In this particular case, those rules were dishonoured, NOT by Lizzy Rose, but by the Bunnings worker that dismissed her medical exemption. It’s disgraceful having to cop an influx of criticism that she is endangering people when the DHHS guidelines exempts people with certain medical conditions lest they endanger themselves.

The elderly deserve the utmost care and respect, especially when isolated and away from their families. Therefore, it falls on the leadership of management in nursing homes and hospitals to properly train their staff in terms of PPE and containment. An emphasis on compassion and a ‘human touch’ should be considered in such training, as end-of-life-care is often lonely and dehumanising enough as it is. It doesn’t fall on some regular Karen at Bunnings to shoulder the blame of disastrous mismanagement of nursing homes.

Hey Karl: Rights aren’t waived if they don’t sound good to you. Idiot. Put the “psychic’s” views, politics, rhetoric and whatever aside, she is well within her legal rights according to the Department of Health and Human Services to enter the premises on the grounds of medical exemption. What makes me angry is that people are dying of all sorts of diseases, injuries and conditions and are cumulatively labelled COVID-19 deaths; their families left devasted, voiceless and confused; the death of their loved one adding another “statistic” to a fear machine. It makes me angry that people couldn’t attend funerals but could protest days later. It makes me angry that questioning the main narrative, even if it’s just to gain your bearings amidst constantly changing and contradicting information, is slammed as nonsense by a mere talking parrot. Go fuck yourself San Diego!



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