PRICK: Bill Gates’ agenda

Over the years, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has devoted his life to vaccines. He believes that with just a prick of a needle, the world’s problems are solved. His very name is basically synonymous with vaccine peddling. You could call him Bill the Prick (get it?).

  • Bill thinks there’s too many people on Earth, so his vaccines are needed to reduce global population
  • His vaccines have hurt many people
  • Asked about his vaccine damage, Bill can’t even deny it and just diverges in his answer
  • Bill’s been planning global vaccination for a while now
  • The Prick is now using Covid-19 as an excuse to vaccinate globally
  • Here’s Bill saying old people are a financial burden and better off left for dead
  • No wonder he says lots of old people need to be included in the Covid vaccine trials
  • Notice in the last video that one vaccine dose probably won’t even work
  • Population control runs in his family; dad sat on the board of the eugenics-rooted organisation, Planned Parenthood

Thoughts: In other words, vaccines may kill off a portion of the population. But everyone should take it for their own good, and if you don’t, you’re selfish. It might not eliminate the virus either but just keep taking it and taking it. Yeah, nah. No thanks.

It’s clear Bill the Prick is medically interfering with populations. He’s selective over who lives and who dies. He’s concerned about who’s reproducing and how he can interfere with that. He targets the weak and vulnerable. He hates humanity.


Conclusion: He’s a prick.



Some simple formatting was tweaked ’cause I didn’t like it. ‘Footnote’ numbers next to hyperlinked words in bullet points were removed because they were annoying.




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