BLMorons march in Sydney because now’s clearly the time

While most Victorians take one for the team by wearing disgusting, mandatory viral sponges on their faces and told they’re selfish for any minor breach, BLM defy Court of Appeal and march in Sydney because WHY THE HELL NOT!

  • Protest for David Dungay Jr, five years after he died
  • In NSW, you can’t assemble outside in groups larger than 20
  • On a technicality, they’re apparently spacing out in groups of 20 in a public space
  • Police say spacing out like that is still technically a larger gathering
  • BLM organiser and white guy says if people can go to the shops, they can protest
  • Not being allowed to protest is “unfair”
  • NSW Police Minister David Elliott says showing up to protest could get you jailed 6 months
  • Aforementioned white guy organiser is already arrested

Thoughts: Why now, during a pandemic? Come on. I hate racism and injustice but now ain’t the time. There’s plenty to complain and protest. The mishandling of this virus, which has been indiscriminate to race, has affected the global population. The unanswered questions. The increase in suicides. Do you not think there is a time and place for these grievances where your forum stands the best chance of legitimacy? Most people are just getting on, living to fight another day.

If Australia is gonna tear #KarenFromBunnings a new one, howsabout a good, sobering dose of equality by shaming them, tracking them down and ambushing them at their private residences on national television? EQUALITY.

#BLMfromBunnings <<< SHAME, SHAME!!



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