Victorians: Military to TRACE your sorry asses?

In this Sky News Australia video:

• Community transmission is not under control
• Victoria’s current contact tracing system “isn’t up to speed”
• Using the military was effective in stopping illegal immigrants by boat in 2013-2014
• Applying the military might work on Victorians just like illegals

Thoughts: Victorians continue to be the guinea pigs of a medical dictatorship. It seems like things are failing intentionally just so more rigid control measures can be implemented. Methods used to bust illegals should now be used on regular Victorians in response to a disease that most people recover from, asymptomatic or otherwise, ON TOP of mandatory face masks, lockdowns and social distancing? Shouldn’t the military be gearing up to fight China soon or something? What a waste. If only human trafficking was taken this seriously – like the pandemic that it is –  we would eradicate that nasty disease instead.

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